The Artist Anthony Sierra

“My name is Anthony Sierra, I’m an aspiring artist and I’m born and breed New Yorker from Queens. When I was 14 I started teaching myself the guitar and fell madly in love with music. Later, I picked up the piano, base, and a little drums. At the moment, I’m enrolled at Queensborough Community college where I’m studying music production, but at night I’m a performer. For the last year or two, I’ve been performing at shows and open mics in the hopes to catch my big break. But most importantly, I love meeting fellow musicians and artists. It’s networking for us. Currently, I’m working as a solo artist. I used to be involved with a punk rock band but there was so much drama. It wasn’t my scene. And, idealistically speaking, If I were in a band it’d be selfish to write songs about only my life. My music taste used to be only punk rock but after experiencing so much in life, such as hardships and heartbreak, my taste has evolved. My inspirations are Sum 41, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Ed Sheeran. I’ve even taken to composing hip hop beats for some of my friends whom are rappers. Ed Sheeran plays a big role in my music and life, I took up singing because of him. But, as a kid, I have always loved singing. I used to sing all the time. I’d sing the theme songs of Pokémon, anime’s openings, and, one of my all time favorites, Power Rangers. I’m just kid from Queens trying to follow my dreams and appreciate anyone who supports me along the way.” – Anthony Sierra